Right at the Point-of-Occurrence
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Compatica Documents All Types of Workplace Incidents, Including Injury, Damage, and Safety

Incident Recording in the Palm of your Hand

Compatica places an intuitive, obvious-use app right in the Supervisor’s smartphone and the Superintendent’s tablet, facilitating on-the-spot accurate and comprehensive Workplace Incident reporting, right there at the worksite. Functionality includes:

    • Immediate Incident Notifications
    • Complete Event Intake
    • Audio Recordings, Pictures, Statements, Signatures
    • Injury, Damage, and Safety Documentation
    • Data for Third-Party Reporting

Minimize Cost

Real-time incident documentation reduces injury and damage claim expenses

Eliminate Paperwork

Electronic, point of occurrence recording eradicates wasteful, inaccurate paperwork

Defend Against Fraud

On-site fact collection guards against fraudulent claims and frivolous lawsuits

Promote Safety

Easy capture of safety exception events ensures rapid notifications and prompt responses


Compatica is an Industry-Neutral application that serves a variety of industries and work settings, both single and multi-business models.

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