Remote; Control.

incidentli is the one platform that organizes and accelerates workplace and job site data collection, giving you instant, accurate, and comprehensive visibility of all incidents and reports, both remotely and onsite. 

Industry-neutral, Cloud-based, incidentli will elevate your organization’s on-site data recording and reporting, bridging remote locations with the head office. 

incidentli is the one app for all your workplace and job site incident recording

Intuitive, obvious-use workflows make it a cinch for even the most novice user. Installable on all iOS and Android devices, incidentli is the indispensable app for all your on-site data recording needs, including incidents, safety observations, and reports.

Record and report all workplace and job site incidents

Worksites are intense, active, and often present risk. incidentli empowers employees to document any and all incident types in real-time, right at their point of occurrence, notifying stakeholders immediately of all events.


Be it Beyond First Aid, First Aid Only, or For Record Only incidents, all injury details are collected, including attestation forms, witness statements, and caresite referrals.


Encompassing a broad range of categories, users may document Property Damages, Vehicular Incidents, Utility Strikes, Liability and Environmental events.


Safety First! Direct-from-site Safety Observations and Near-Miss reporting promote a culture of corrective action and continuous improvement.


Unfortunately, work locations may represent targets for criminal activity, necessitating accurate recording of Thefts, Vandalism, or Trespassing.


Inappropriate Conduct, Improper Behavior, and Policy Infractions are recorded precisely, comprehensively, in a timely private, and secure manner.

Data. The lifeblood of your organization

By normalizing Worksite data across all locations, departments, and settings, incidentli delivers detailed, comprehensive dashboards and reports which provide a continual picture of your Risk Management and Safety operations. 

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incidentli elevates your workplace and job site data recording