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In Workplace Incident management, delays equal dollars. The longer it takes an employee to have a claim processed, the higher the overall costs, the greater the odds of legal action and, unfortunately, the possibility of fraud. Compatica’s compressed, rapid, and yet comprehensive incident recording and reporting process enables you to significantly reduce your overall Workers’ Compensation expenditures while promoting workplace safety  In turn, this provides greater control of your mod ratings and insurance premiums, as well as minimizing the risk of future injury.

Reduced Lag

Reporting your workplace incidents directly at the point-of-occurrence ensures immediate event notification and accurate recording, improving claim processing quality and dramatically reducing lag time.

Fraud Avoidance

Our structured workflow enforces consistent reporting procedures and encourages documenting For-Record-Only and Near-Miss incidents, reducing your risk of fraudulent claims and frivolous lawsuits.

Accelerated Return to Work

Compatica’s robust Incident Manager helps you to proactively administer and control post-incident activities, including scheduling and documentation, shortening time away from work.

Onsite Incident Recording in the Palm of your Hand

Compatica places an intuitive, obvious-use app right in the Supervisor’s smartphone and the Superintendent’s tablet, facilitating on-the-spot accurate and comprehensive Workplace Incident reporting, right there at the worksite. Functionality includes:

  • Immediate Incident Notifications
  • Complete Event Intake
  • Audio Recordings
  • Photographs
  • Record Safety Observations and Near-Misses
  • Attestations & Waivers
  • Incident Locations, Zones, and Equipment
  • Witness Statements
  • Referrals to Approved Clinics
  • Data Required for FROI
  • Offline Operation

Instant notifications when an incident is recorded keep you current and in-the-loop with all workplace events.

Structured Workflow

Compatica steps users through best-practice reporting sequences, ensuring collection of vital incident information.


Compile all requisite documentation, including statements, pictures, oral interviews, attestations, and the FROI.

Setting Neutral

Be it on a factory floor, at a construction site, in a commercial kitchen or healthcare facility, Compatica is equally at home with all industries and professions.


Logical workflows and obvious choices provide for an intuitive, easy-to-learn end-user app which is always ready for immediate intakes.

Network Independence

Onsite using WiFi service, off-site with cellular service, or in the field with no signal, Compatica fully records the incident and synchronizes data.

''Scott Insurance employs Compatica’s ACE-Navigator Workplace Incident Management System to differentiate its brokerage and deliver more value to clients. ACE-Nav offers point-of-occurrence smartphone and tablet incident recording, ensuring accuracy and timely notifications while significantly reducing paperwork. Our clients appreciate ACE-Nav’s ability to easily record safety observations while improving safety awareness and regulatory reporting. I highly recommend Compatica, Inc. as a partner that delivers a high-value solution, driving improved risk management for you and your clients.''

Hutch Mauck - Scott Insurance


One of the great advantages of a Compatica implementation has to do with its “Right here, right now” ethos. From automated notifications that alert management of the occurrence of a workplace incident, through on-the-spot documentation capabilities, and culminating with targeted clinic referrals for injured employees,  Compatica is always On the Job for you and your organization.


Collecting incident details on the spot ensures that all salient information is recorded immediately after the event.. This helps generate an accurate, reliable, all-inclusive incident documentation set.

Access to supervisors, injured employees and witnesses enables recording  oral and written statements,  collecting images which support the event narrative, and automatically generating the First Report of Injury (FROI) form.


Federal regulations, State laws, insurance carriers, third-party administrators, brokers and others, all have something to say about how workplace incidents should be documented, processed, and reported. Happily Compatica’s Incident Recorder app and Incident Manager solution are here to help achieve and maintain adherence with these complex requirements.

“Our supervisors use the Compatica app on their phones to report injuries, observations, and near-misses immediately as they occur, including pictures, audio, and witness statements, reducing paperwork and promoting safety awareness, while enhancing risk management. I am pleased to recommend Compatica as an effective workplace incident recording and management solution.”

Chip Pocock - Buckner Companies
VP Safety & Risk Management

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Compatica – On the Job, in the Palm of Your Hand

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