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Materials Damaged in Transit

One area where incidentli helps distribution companies is incidents that result in damage to goods and materials. Items damaged in transit present significant costs which include the actual loss, costs of repair, delay, and replacement transportation. Legal fees may also be incurred. 

The process is well known: Goods are received at a central warehouse, where pallets may be broken-down and reassembled, reloaded on vehicles transporting them to either regional depots or the end destination, where additional material-handling activities occur including, in some instances, performing stocking or assembly activities, or complex job-site or construction-site unloading.

Each one of these steps represents multiple risk factors: Worker’s injury, damage to transported goods, impact damage to a customer’s property, vehicular incidents, all represent the possibility for a costly exception event. And while we all strive for a minimum of those, they will occur, at times with no obvious fault.

So how does incidentli help? When incidents do happen, incidentli empowers your team to collect all pertinent incident information right at the point-of-occurrence, before damaged goods are collected, vehicles and equipment moved, and witnesses disperse. This technology-driven approach ensures the most accurate and timely documentation and notification, supporting rapid claim processing, corrective-action initiation and, above all, providing full support to your team-members, be it onsite or in remote, third-party locations.  To learn more, contact us to set up a demo.

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