Worksite Incident Recording: Injuries, Damages, Safety Events

In collaboration with the Associated General Contractors of America, Compatica, Inc. is proud to offer the Compatica Worksite Incident Management Solution to AGC members—at a substantial discount!

Organizations use Compatica to capture all the critical information about worksite incidents at the point-of-occurrence using mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, or Android phones and tablets. Compatica is the premier solution for recording worksite injuries, near-misses and safety observations.

Compatica includes a Utility Strike module which was developed with, and endorsed by, the AGC. It records and documents all aspects of Utility Strikes, resulting in a well-articulated, defensible case record, invaluable for both initiating corrective-measures and countering frivolous property damage claims. For a Compatica Product Brochure, please click here.

What’s Included:

Compatica Incident Recorder


  • Operates on Smartphones and Tablets.
  • Records all Incident information, including pictures, witness statements, audio recordings and responses.
  • Workflows  for Utility Strikes, Workplace Injuries, For Record Only, Near-Misses, and Safety Observations.
  • Operates in both Online and Offline modes.
Compatica Incident Manager


  • Immediate Cloud-based storage of incidents.
  • Real-time notifications to key stakeholders.
  • Feeds to critical reports such as DIRT, First Report of Injury, OSHA, Insurance Carriers, Third-Party Administrators, as well as your own.
  • Unlimited, active, and secure incident management and storage for long-term accessibility and usage.

To learn more, leave us your contact information or see our Compatica AGC Brochure. To review our Subscription Agreement or sign it online, click below.

The AGC-Approved Discounted Annual Subscription Fee Schedule is:

Please contact us if your subscription needs are different.

Compatica subscriptions are priced on a “per user” basis. Typically, users are worksite supervisors or superintendents plus Safety, Finance and HR managers, as well as other stakeholders. While requirements may vary by organization, the subscription size guideline is typically one user per ten employees.


Advisory Panel

We are honored to have the following individuals participate in the Compatica/AGC Utility Strike and Damage Prevention Advisory Board:


• Toni Lynn Pascal, Pascal Construction, Golden, CO
• Brett Nielsen, Whitaker Construction Co., Brigham City, UT
• Randy Douglas, Tierra Contracting, Santa Barbara, CA
• Trey Pebley, Foremost Paving, Inc., Elsa, TX
• Ty Edmondson and Greg Maready, TA Loving, Goldsboro, NC

If you’d like to review your purchasing options, get a personal online demonstration, or have any questions, please call us at (888) 802-4084 or email Jim Messina at You may also leave us your Contact Information and we’ll get back shortly.