Worksite Incident Recording: Injuries, Damages, Safety Events

In collaboration with the Associated General Contractors of America, Compatica, Inc. is proud to offer the Compatica Worksite Incident Management Solution to AGC members—at a substantial discount!

Organizations use Compatica to capture all the critical information about worksite incidents at the point-of-occurrence using mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, or Android phones and tablets. Compatica is the premier solution for recording worksite injuries, near-misses and safety observations.

Compatica includes a Utility Strike module which was developed with, and endorsed by, the AGC. It records and documents all aspects of Utility Strikes, resulting in a well-articulated, defensible case record, invaluable for both initiating corrective-measures and countering frivolous property damage claims. For a Compatica Product Brochure, please click here.

What’s Included:

Compatica Incident Recorder
  • Operates on Smartphones and Tablets.
  • Records all Incident information, including pictures, witness statements, audio recordings and responses.
  • Workflows for Utility Strikes, Workplace Injuries, For Record Only, Near-Misses, and Safety Observations.
  • Operates in both Online and Offline modes.
Compatica Incident Manager
  • Immediate Cloud-based storage of incidents.
  • Real-time notifications to key stakeholders.
  • Feeds to critical reports such as DIRT, First Report of Injury, OSHA, Insurance Carriers, Third-Party Administrators, as well as your own.
  • Unlimited, active, and secure incident management and storage for long-term accessibility and usage.

To learn more, please provide your contact information or see our Compatica AGC Brochure. To review our Subscription Agreement or to subscribe online, click below.