As a meaningful solution suite serving the entire Worker’s Compensation and Risk Management continuum, Insurance Brokerages are a key constituency and a prime beneficiary of Compatica’s value proposition.

Not only will your clients realize great improvements in reduced reporting lag, improved workplace incident documentation, fraud prevention and safety awareness, your firm can also enjoy:

  • Lower claims costs
  • Improve mod rates for customers
  • Online Incident/Claim interactivity
  • Service Offering Expansion Opportunities
  • Paperwork reduction
  • Competitive differentiation and branding
  • Client Retention
  • New revenue source

Compatica is offered either under our brand, or as your own private-label, with no difference in cost. You may choose to bundle it with your current offering, resell it under your own brand, or simply guide your clients to subscribe directly with our company. In any scenario, your customer will avail itself of a superior, cost-effective method to record and report workplace incidents and Worker’s Comp claims, and your organization will benefit from efficient electronic communications, increased service opportunities, and enhanced client renewal and retention.

Contact us today to learn more about how Compatica can transform Workplace Incident Management for you and your clients’ mutual benefit.

''Scott Insurance employs Compatica’s ACE-Navigator Workplace Incident Management System to differentiate its brokerage and deliver more value to clients. ACE-Nav offers point-of-occurrence smartphone and tablet incident recording, ensuring accuracy and timely notifications while significantly reducing paperwork. Our clients appreciate ACE-Nav’s ability to easily record safety observations while improving safety awareness and regulatory reporting. I highly recommend Compatica, Inc. as a partner that delivers a high-value solution, driving improved risk management for you and your clients.''

Scott Insurance - Hutch Mauck