Helping to reduce workplace incident costs, defending against fraud, and improving safety and awareness, Compatica is right there with you and your workforce, on the job.

The ability to properly respond to and effectively manage a workplace incident of any type hinges upon accurate and timely reporting and documentation of the event at-hand, be it an observation of a safety infraction or potential near-miss, or a more serious incident which resulted in a workplace injury.

It starts with the ability to rapidly document and report directly at points-of-occurrence such as construction sites, production floors, bustling food-preparation locations or anywhere along a distribution route, which is exactly what Compatica is designed to do. Intuitive, obvious workflows facilitate on-the-fly data collection of significant incident information, including

  • Employee and supervisor details
  • Location, Zone and Equipment used
  • Incident severity
  • Injury or Illness imputed
  • Pictures and audio statements
  • Signed employee attestations
  • Witness accounts
  • Clinic or Hospital referrals

Once an incident has been reported, notifications are sent via email or text-messaging to selected stakeholders, and all information is securely updated to the Compatica Incident Manager, an encrypted Cloud-based application, where all incident data is available for further analysis and disposition, eliminating hours (or days…) of delays and mountains of paperwork.

Compatica empowers supervisors and employees to become “the Eyes and Ears” of safety across all workplace settings, supporting the collection and reporting of a variety of incidents, including:

  • Beyond-First-Aid
  • First-Aid-Only
  • For Record Only (FRO)
  • Near Miss
  • Safety Observations

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“Our supervisors use the Compatica app on their phones to report injuries, observations, and near-misses immediately as they occur, including pictures, audio, and witness statements, reducing paperwork and promoting safety awareness, while enhancing risk management. I am pleased to recommend Compatica as an effective workplace incident recording and management solution.”

Chip Pocock - Buckner Steel Erectors
VP Safety & Risk Management