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How it Works

Record, Review, Report

The “Three R’s” of Workplace and Job Site information collection: Record, Review, and Report. Read on to find out how incidentli helps deploy a dataflow progression from the original inception event, through editing and verification, all the way through documentation generation, storage, and circulation. 

On site Data Recording

Record all Worksite Events

Be it recording an exception event like an injury, damage, safety, security, or conduct incident, or completing a planned report such as a site survey or safety audit, incidentli gives your team the flexibility and accuracy to collect all pertinent information right at the point-of-occurrence, using their choice of iOS, Android, or Web apps. Immediate notifications are generated via email and text-messaging, alerting stakeholders and promoting rapid organizational response.

Edit, Validate, Collate

Don't chase data - have it come straight to you!

As soon as incidents and reports are submitted from the work site you are free to audit and edit as needed, ensuring that the events are all described in an accurate, clear, and comprehensive manner. This is also your opportunity to request supplemental statements from on-site personnel, in which they may instantly submit additional images, audio and video recordings, sketches, and witness statements, contributing to a fully-detailed incident report, which is generated as soon as the data is collected, potentially reducing the process from days or weeks to minutes.

Rapidly Report all Submittals

Fully control how others see you

Now that workplace and job site events and reports have been submitted and organized, it’s time to utilize the data in a more efficient and effective way. Incidentli can pre-populate any type of form, whether it’s a government-mandated First Report of Injury, an OSHA 301 record or annual log, or any insurance carrier forms like claim reports, worksheets, and prescription cards.

After completion, all materials, including the personalized incident report from Incidentli, can be sent to external parties electronically.

Incidentli offers a seamless data collection and processing experience, enabling users to report incidents and submit claims within minutes instead of days.