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Here at Compatica, Inc. we’re hard at work developing and perfecting elegant, meaningful, and obvious-use solutions for Workplace Incident Reporting and Management. Designed by industry experts, and reflecting our passion for utility and excellence, our point-of-incident app and streamlined workflow and management tools dramatically reduce reporting lag time, diminish the risk of fraud and frivolous lawsuits, and accelerate return to work timelines. Even more significantly, our applications promote a culture of increased awareness and improved workplace safety.

We pride ourselves on constantly learning from our clients, and continually improving our products as regulatory requirements, industry guidelines and best-practice peer processes evolve, striving to always provide our users with meaningful capabilities and World-class service.

Adee Feinstein

Chief Executive Officer

Adee is a recycled entrepreneur who has started and developed businesses in Healthcare Information Technology, Patient Digital Health, Insurance Eligibility Screening, FinTech, and Enterprise Resource Planning Manufacturing Systems, all of which involved extensive sales, marketing, and capital raising. With a strong background in Logistics, Adee’s procurement and materials management experiences contribute to his solid understanding of buyers’ dynamics and rationale. A disciplined business developer and sales aficionado, Adee is a strong market communicator skilled in multiple media. His three children combine for eight various musical instruments.


Nigel Elkan


Nigel has extensive product management and business leadership experience and success. At IBM/Lotus, Nigel led sales and marketing for Domino Document Management, progressing to become the Senior Director for IBM/Lotus Knowledge Management. As CMO and co-founder of Engenia, Nigel helped raise over $25 million in venture funds, as the Company drove towards leadership in collaborative project management, Most recently, Nigel led product management for Cisco’s transformational new products that enable the next generation software directed network .


Jim Messina

Chief Marketing Officer

A strategic marketing and business development leader who delivers impressive top and bottom-line results. With more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience, Jim brings extensive experience defining, delivering, marketing and selling timely, profitable digital products, SaaS solutions, online products and professional services to small, medium, and enterprise businesses. Jim combines sophisticated strategic marketing expertise and analytic skills with the ability to solicit new business, communicate strategic vision, build relationships and drive sales. Jim is a graduate of Harvard University and is an avid fan of all New England sport teams.