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Who uses Compatica?

Your company’s supervisors and superintendents use Compatica to report workplace incidents.  Your HR Managers and Safety Directors use Compatica to manage incident-related claim processing and return-to-work planning.

Which industries is Compatica designed for?

Compatica is designed for use in all settings.  Compatica is particularly useful in the Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation/Distribution, Food Services, and Healthcare industries.

What sort of information regarding the Incident is recorded?

Compatica records all information at the point-of-occurrence of the incident, including the information required to complete a First Report of Injury Form. Collected information includes: incident and injury information; equipment, location and zone involved; return-to-work and medical care status, and employee, supervisor and witness statements, waivers, attestations, and signatures. You can even use your device’s microphone to record spoken statements and your device’s camera to take pictures of the injury and of the area in which in the incident occurred.

What if there’s an injury to an employee resulting in a medical response?

Compatica captures medical response information for you, including, whether first aid was given, and if your employee was sent to an Emergency Room, referred to a clinic, or  declined medical attention. Compatica automatically suggests the nearest appropriate medical facility, and allows the recording of escorting personnel.

What happens to the Incident information once it’s recorded?

Once you’ve recorded incident information on your mobile device, it is immediately transmitted to an online incident manager console where it can be reviewed and acted upon by HR. Designated functionaries such as the HR Manager and Safety Director will receive an email alert, notifying them of the incident report, in real time.

How does Compatica store my company’s confidential data?

All of your confidential data is stored on secure servers using advanced encryption methods preventing unauthorized access. Moreover, Compatica’s databases are continually backed-up, ensuring data integrity.

Does Compatica create a First Report of Injury form?

Yes, Compatica combines the point-of-incident data you’ve collected with your company-specific, employee-specific, and insurer details to automatically pre-populate an editable and transmittable First Report of Injury Form.

What happens if my device is out of range with no Internet or Cellular connection?

No problem. When you are out of range, incident data will be stored on your device.  As soon as you reconnect, your data will synchronize automatically!

Are there any tools for managing the employee post-incident?

Absolutely. Compatica’s Web-based Incident Manager console helps you track communications with employees, view employee appointments on a calendar, upload documents related to the incident and share them with others, as needed. Compatica’s tools empower you to follow up proactively with injured employees, showing that you care about the their well-being. Using Compatica’s tools, you can keep employees engaged in their recovery and help them return to work more quickly.

How does Compatica manage external documents, such as Medical Reports?

It’s easy to upload documents into Compatica’s Incident Manager console. Compatica helps you keep everything in one safe and secure location. The documents are there for easy reference and for quick forwarding to your claims management, insurance company, and other stakeholders.

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