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Safety Observations

Compatica’s Safety Observation recording capability allows you and your employees to say something as soon as you see something, capturing information about potential risks before they escalate into more serious incidents.  By following Compatica’s rapid intake workflow, you can enter or transcribe the Safety Observation, immediately, right on a handheld device. You can document the type of incident — whether it involves equipment, a maintenance issue or a training opportunity. 

You can rapidly capture detailed Safety statements from those involved and from relevant witnesses, in the form of pictures, audio recordings, text statements and sketches.  When you submit the incident, your Safety Observation is transmitted immediately to Compatica’s secure, browser-based Incident Manager, where you can review and edit collected facts, access automatically completed forms, send emails with attached statements, and create reports at the click of a button. Instantly upon submission, email and text-message notifications are sent to key stakeholders, providing the information needed for a rapid and effective response.