Compatica’s menuless workflows are designed with input from subject matter experts. Below, you can view short videos depicting a variety of Compatica usage scenarios.  
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Injury: Complete, accurate and immediate injury incident recording and response –  including text and audio statements, digital signatures, attestations and photos, first aid given and medical referrals.

Safety Observations: Contain safety risks before they become incidents by capturing statements and photos, with targeted notifications that enable immediate response.

Utility Strikes: Defend your organization – collect all DIRT report details, record audio and text statements, and capture photos of locator marks, strike location, and other key evidence.

Near Misses: With a few screen taps, improve safety and reduce incidents by recording all relevant details, including location, zones, and equipment involved.

Fit for Work Screening: Rapid employee screening identifies employees who are not fit for work due to illness, impairment, possible COVID-19 exposure or lack of appropriate equipment.